Bloom Reader - control audio playback at the sentence level

I would like to see Audio control buttons to allow you to move back and forth between recordings. For example, you are in the middle of a paragraph and you would like to move to the previous or following sentence.
I’m mostly thinking of the Bloom Reader App.

I 2nd this.
Or even better, use a SAB type approach (and other “Read Along” Books, I’ve seen) where touching the sentence (or phrase) causes the audio to play that phrase/sentence. Very useful for children (and language learners) to replay a sentence or phrase over and over, just by touching it again and again.

I’m assuming we are talking about the Reader app here.

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Hi @Ian_McQuay

I have just started using Bloom with RAB and was searching about the player to play the just selected sentence but couldn’t find that.

I was thinking about that, that will be highly beneficial. When ever anyone touches the sentence it must start play that sentence. There must not be auto play the paragraph. Player just play the sentence which is touched in app created through RAB.

Thanking you in anticipation.