Bloom Reader App

Is there a sample in the Bloom Library of a “text highlighted audio book” created with the Bloom Reader App that can be viewed to show what can be done?
Not sure if I’m asking the question right :slight_smile: I’m asking for someone who has no internet right now.

Hi Chris,

The books on this bookshelf have audio:,%20Inc.%20(Philippines)%2F

Here’s one you can read online:

Thank you, Paul. Passed this on!

It might be worth explaining that the books Paul pointed to have “image descriptions” designed to help visually-impaired readers hear about the illustration. That is what you are hearing when the illustration is highlighted.

Oh ok. Thanks.
Will this show him the highlighting text as well?

Why not click it and see what it does, see if that’s what you’re after? Or maybe you’re at the end of an expensive internet connection?

No, just haven’t downloaded the Reader App to my phone … but my friend has so I’ll let him check it out :slight_smile:

Chris you don’t need to download anything. Just click Paul’s second link, then click “READ”. You’ll see the same thing as if you were using Bloom Reader.

Thanks John!
I did it and I’m sure that is what he was looking for. That’s great!
Will explain things to him.

Hi Chris,

As John already mentioned, the link that Paul Frank shared with you is for books which have image descriptions. They were created by Resources for the Blind here in the Philippines.

Recently I wanted to include some Bloom Reader books in a presentation at a workshop, so I did some screen-recordings on my phone of a few books. The folder is available here.

Just ignore the red flashing dot on a couple of them - that’s just from my phone as I tested the screen-recording software.


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Thanks, Liz!

That was fun to see. Might get to doing some of that myself once day.

Seems a lot simpler than RAB and SAB!

Chris DeJong