"Bloom Reader" app request

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This is a need in PNG already. It has to do with various pending partnerships with eLearning initiatives and several Universities in the Pacific and their “Pacific Storybook Initiative”. University of South Pacific is front and center. They want to base their thousand or so pending books, on the Bloom system, in the manner of the successful “African Storybook Initiative” (which also does do hundreds of check in/outs a month, right now, after years of deployment).

But they don’t necessarily want to “publish” by the labor-intensive RAB process we have today. It makes more sense to them to have a simple to use for Android ePUB 3 reader. Now it doesn’t have to be a true PUB 3 reader… it could be a simple down-loadable SIL eReader App (more kudos to SIL Int’l later) that would be “easy to use” and doesn’t “phone home on the Internet” all the time. This SIL eReader app would of course, handle audio files well.

But make no mistake, this would not, in any way, replace RAB… rather it opens up an important new niche in the application of Bloom materials development. It’s not an either/or, but rather a both/and in terms of Pacific Applications.

Just wondering if Menestrello is what you are looking for?
See this HTTPS site: wwwDOTreadbeyondDOTit/menestrello/indexDOThtml
(I’m a new user and can’t put a link in a post, hence the “DOT”–sorry.)
Unfortunately this doesn’t work on Windows devices, but it does work on Android and iPhone devices (so it says; I’ve not tested it).
It sounds like the ReadBeyond website is dedicated to promoting literacy through the use of audio supplemented eBooks. (It mentions this helps new readers who struggle with dyslexia.)
Has anyone tried Menestrello for playing ePub 3 books from Bloom?

Thanks for this tip, and I am not sure if this is adequate or not. In the meantime, note the new post/ topic on Bloom Reader project going forward, which will definitely be what we want.

Where might I find the posts on “Bloom Reader” project? I don’t see it on the main SIL Software group page.

Click on “Bloom” (tab- sorta) on the upper left of this page. It’s sort of the “home page” for the Bloom topic, but I am using these terms very loosely for this wiki. The new topic is called “Bloom Reader App Plans and Progress” to be specific.

For anyone looking up this post and trying to find the progress page (as I was), here it is: Bloom Reader App Plans and Progress