Bloom Reader and updates

We have encountered a situation where Bloom Reader users should update their version but haven’t. Here’s the request:

  • Bloom Reader automatically checks to see if there is a new version when started and alert the user, and/or
  • Bloom Reader add a link to the BR entry in Google Play that users can follow themselves

I would hope that this feature would help people themselves keep their version up to date and also make it easier to guide people to update their version.

Android all ready has a complete auto-updating feature; if you don’t do something special to avoid getting an update, you’ll get it. Granted, we could nag them I suppose.

OK. So if someone is using an outdated version, what might be the cause? An older Android version? A system setting that should be changed? We want to help people get up to date but I’m not sure what to tell them if it ought to be staying updated automatically.

In Google Play store on Android, check Settings. There’s an Auto-update apps option. On my Android version, there’s three options:

  • Over any network
  • Over WiFi only
  • Don’t auto-update apps
    If they have “Over WiFi only”, but never connect to WiFi they won’t get the updates automatically. Or if they have “Don’t auto-update apps”.

If “Over WiFi only” is selected, users need to manually click on My apps & games from Google Play, check for updates, then update each manually.
“Over WiFi only” may be the default setting on some phones - it was on mine! (So I was still running BR from about a month ago).

What Liz has said does suggest that it would be helpful to have a “Check for Updates” link in the app as it is quite possible that some people’s devices may not be auto-updating.

In case it is relevant, note that Android 4.4 users are unable to migrate to Bloom Reader 2+.