Bloom Reader 1.2 BLoom External directory

What do you mean by BloomExternal directory on a SD card? This was clear to me from the Release Notes.

Sorry for the confusion.

Bloom Reader can display books which are stored in one of two places on your Android device.

  1. The Bloom directory created (almost always in Internal Storage) when Bloom Reader is installed.
  2. A directory on your SD card named BloomExternal.

The idea behind the BloomExternal directory is that you can display/read books without taking up precious internal memory on your device.

Do not confuse the BloomExternal feature with the “Find Bloom books on my device” feature. Selecting “Find Bloom books on my device” will search everywhere on your device except BloomExternal and move books or books in bundles it finds to the regular Bloom directory in your internal memory.

Thanks. that was helpful.