Bloom page layout changes

I’m trying to help a team with some Bloom books.

They created them using a Primer template. (I’m still trying to determine where that came from). Now they are revising and updating them ready for printing. But the formatting seems to have changed. But there seem to be some strange things happening.

These two links show what the pages are supposed to look like:

But instead the pages look like this: PrintScreen

(It’s not the same page as in the PDF, but the screenshot shows what happens for most pages). The image moves (and increases in size) and the layout changes. Instead of a text covering the whole page, there’s one text box at the left and the picture at the right. And the text overflows.

It seems to be a problem with the page layout. Do you have any suggestions about what I can be checking? (I’m based in Manila, so it’s not face-to-face contact). I do have a copy of the Bloom book.


It looks as if they are using the Story Primer template from Bloom Library ( Some recent changes to
Bloom caused problems with it like you are describing. We had to make a new
version of the story primer.

The first thing to try (after making a backup of the book) is to download
the latest version of the template. This should at least work for making
new books using this collection of template pages. I think having the
latest version of the template (which should replace the old one) should
help repair the existing books, too…especially if you work through and
open each page in Bloom, which you’ll probably want to do to check it,

If that doesn’t give a satisfactory result, can you send us (a) the nearest
thing you have to the original book, when it was working in an earlier
version of Bloom; (b) the current version of it; © your PDF showing what
it should look like?

John Thomson

Thanks John,

This fixed the problem in the version of the book that I have, so I’ve
asked the team to do the same.