Bloom Pack Template Availability

Hello, is there any available Bloom Pack Template (for decodable and levelled books) available in English that could be downloaded? Thank you. :smile:

@neilnavarrete - are you wanting to create decodable and levelled books for the English language? Or for another language? Or some sample stages or levels?

In Bloom, there are templates (in Sources for New Books section) for decodable and leveled readers. But you need to add the letters and determine the letters for each stage, plus set the criteria for each level.

The decodable stages vary between languages and not all languages have the same characters as English. The levels may vary also, although you could start with the sample stages in the Leveled Reader Tool.

Unless you’re wanting to create books within the same language or similar language to one that already has the template, using another language’s template may not be useful. With another language’s template, you may still need to modify the letters, stages, and setup the levels.

With a quick search, I can’t find any books that are decodable or leveled books in Bloom library, but that may be because the Title doesn’t mention it is a decodable or leveled book.

Or maybe you’re wanting to see some samples of decodable and leveled books? Someone reading this may have something they can send you.

Hello! Yes I am wanting to create decodable and levelled books in English. I would just like to ask if you have an available Bloom Pack Template in English so that I will be able to save time. Thank you so much for your response. :slight_smile:

Bloom comes with built-in decodable and leveled reader setup, which you will see if you create an English collection and start using the tools. However, this was just meant as a sample, and is probably not the best set of levels and stages. But you could modify it or make your own.


Thank you Sir for your response. Where could I find the set of levels and stages for decodable and levelled books? May you please provide a screen capture if possible? Thank you so much.

Create an English collection.
Create a book using the Decodable or Leveled Reader template.
The toolbox on the far right will open to the appropriate reader tool.
Then click Set up Stages or Set up Levels.