BLOOM Library Tags for 1) Disability and 2) Gender

Funding often requires that books touch on Disability and/or Gender, could you provide those as two different tags in the Bloom LIbrary? And certainly I am grateful to see improving attitudes toward the disabled in our country, but more needs to be done. I know that there are some books that would be very useful to translate in there that cover those two areas. I’ve seen some that are about people with disabilities who have achieved great things, or about being kind to people with various disabilities, some that are simply great because they SHOW disabled or women doing various roles without any comment, as though, of course they do these things…

Bethann Carlson

Thanks for raising this.

While the original tags were somewhat arbitrary, we might want to move towards some established hierarchy? We’re already using a paired-down thema taxonomy in the epub metdata screen. I wonder if “inclusion” or “diversity” would work:✓&search=inclusion&commit=Search

YES! I think that would work.


I am not sure how to do this, but perhaps anything that already has the descriptions for visually impaired, or even sign language in American or Australian or whatever sign language for the hearing impaired would also be good to tag somehow. I’m moving out of my comfort zone in even talking about that…but I will ask those who know. I recognize that sign languages are just that…different languages. But in a country like Vanuatu, where the hearing impaired are so very isolated, a unified sign language has not had the opportunity to be developed. So it MIGHT be useful to access other sign languages in developing local books that are signed. In which case, a tag for that might also be useful. Catherine Young might have a thought, and I will ask the Disability folk here in Vanuatu.

Oops. How embarrassing. I see you already have that!! Apologies.