Bloom in Flatpak

Has there been any interest in packaging Bloom in Flatpak? (Google it, I’m a “new” user and am prevented from placing a link.) This would enable it’s use on a variety of new hardware which is making strides in the developing world. I realize that this is one of many container schemes, but it seems to be one which is well supported.

This request came from the interest of supporting a Mexican organization which has placed 250 Endless OS devices in indigenous language communities here in Oaxaca. Bloom is an ideal tool for Endless which markets itself as a computing tool for the developing world. These are small computers which run EndlessOS, a locked down version of Debian or Ubuntu or something. The only way to put software on them is to have it packaged in Flatpak which is a sandboxed container.

In addition to Endless devices, ChromeOS and thus Chromebooks would be supported. Not to mention users of other Linux variants. Chromebooks are very attractive in that they tend to be inexpensive low power devices, many with no moving parts which lend them selves to life outside an airconditioned office.

What would be necessary for this to happen?

Hi Peter,
Do you know a Linux technical person that would like to work on this?


I’ve looked over the Flatpak build instructions. I could try, but…

I’ll see if I can find someone.

How would you see this working? We’d have access to the source and then at each update build a new package?


That would be the minimal approach. We currently build debian packages on an ongoing basis for the test team to use. (Of course, our Linux savvy testers have all retired, so that’s not really being taken advantage of at the moment.) If someone could work out how to build flatpak packages and add the necessary control files and written instructions to the Bloom repo, that would certainly be helpful, even if we continue to need a volunteer to do this specific task.

Although flatpak would work with any Linux variant, the original goal was get Bloom working on Endless OS. They have a closed “repository” of flatpaks which they offer to their users. It is possible that they themselves might be interested in making the changes to allow Bloom to be featured on Endless. Would you be willing to discuss this with them?

Would you be willing to discuss this with them?

I’m sorry to say, I don’t think we have any spare capacity at this point to pursue this ourselves. The most we can offer is technical support for whoever in the linux community wants to take the lead on this.

Yes. I was seeking your permission to discuss it with them. I was told by my contact that some higher-up rep from Endless would visit Oaxaca in September. Thank you.