Bloom Import Layout issue and Lost Projects

I helped literacy worker upgrade from RAB 5.1 to 8.01 today.

  1. After I uninstalled 5.1, I looked and AppBuilder folder was completely empty!!! All their RAB projects had been deleted/removed during the RAB 5.1 uninstall. That was bad, luckily she only had a couple important projects and they were Bloom book imports. There was nothing in Trash bin from the folder.

  2. After recreating the Bloom (v4.7.7) import RAB project, it no longer creates a RAB type app from the Bloom book, but only provides two options: Picture book or Play in Bloom reader. We selected play in Bloom Reader, but RAB does not format the pages with multiple pictures the same as in the actual bloom reader and the text ends up being a different size and getting chopped of the page. THis was on a phone.

Are these two known issues?

Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike,
It might be easiest for the Bloom team to help you out with #2. Please use Bloom’s “report a problem” to send us the book.


Hey Mike. I’d be happy to take a look at this with you if need be on a Zoom call.

In the meantime, I’ll just mention one very important thing: early versions of RAB which allowed Bloom files were experimental and had some problems. In particular, the early RAB version imported Bloom .htm files rather than .bloomd files. This caused problems.

So, to begin, I would suggest generating fresh versions of all your desired .bloomd files by (in Bloom desktop):

  1. Publishing to Bloom Reader
  2. Saving Bloom Reader File

Then in RAB, for the app you are building which contains Bloom books, under “Books”, remove all Bloom books, and then add them back, only this time, as .bloomd files.

I will have them submit that. Thanks.

As I said in the OP, we were forced to create all projects from scratch, so they are already all using bloomd. The bloomd files we imported, work fine in the reader. thanks