Bloom import changes in 6.2

With the release of RAB 6.2 there is better handling of Bloom importing.

But it means you may have to start over or delete and re-add books you have imported from Bloom before.

You need to go into Bloom a recent version (4.2 does not support this but 4.6 does):

  • In the Edit mode change the Page size to Device 19x9 Portrait or Device 16x9 Landscape
  • Click on Publish .
  • If you have motion check the Motion Book box top right.
  • Click on Bloom Reader on the left.
  • Select Save Bloom Reader file.
  • Import that .bloomd file into RAB.
  • In Bloom change the page size back to what it was

Note: your front matter will be at the back not after the cover. This is typical digital book content ordering.
There is a small red button on the top right that lets you change language of the text.