Bloom font not rendering when added to Scripture App Builder

Hello, perhaps someone can help me with an issue I’m facing. I am using Scripture App Builder to host my Bloom books. But… when I add a book to SAB to be used with the built in Bloom player, my text is not rendered right. I have created the book in Bloom using Andika, but when the book loads in SAB Bloom player, it’s in a different font. When I open the .html which is in the SAB project folder the web browser renders the font correctly. Any suggestions?


@Casey_Ellis How to embed the fonts you need sounds like a good question for the RAB/SAB board. I’ll move it over for you.

Thank you. I’m not sure what is responsible for the issue, SAB, or Bloom player, or Bloom’s font encoding or…

If you unzip your .bloomd file and don’t see a font in there then you would need to add it to the RAB/SAB project.

In RAB in the left pane, click on Fonts. Under the Main Font tab on the right, choose Andika from the drop down list.

If that does not work, you may need to do some digging in the HTML and CSS files in the .bloomd zip to see how the Andika font is named that is different to font1.

Happy to look if you want that.

Thanks for the help with this!
First, I have chosen not to use the .bloomd file for my books in SAB. I chose to add the .htm direct from the Bloom directory (perhaps this is the problem?). I found that doing this, I was able to update the book if need be and do an “update from original” in SAB and grab the latest version of the book text. It is also a much faster process to add the .htm files than to export each of the 80 books as .bloomd files for use in SAB.

I have selected the Andika font as my font choice within SAB. The text in the contents menu is rendered as Andika, but once the Bloom book loads in the Bloom player window within the app, it is not Andika.

Any other suggestions based on the further info I’ve given you?

Thank you!


So you are not doing it the prescribed way. You are off exploring new frontiers. I am a bit surprised you can get it to work with the Bloom Player.

I’d need to see your project to be of more help.

Ha! I guess you found me out. Working overseas attracts people who don’t like to stick to the prescribed way :slight_smile:
How can I share my project with you?

Letting me know where I can get a copy, by private message. Click on my icon and choose message. Dropbox or Google Drive.

Was this issue ever resolved for you? If so, do you remember what the solution was?
I am having a similar issue with the fonts in SAB appearing there but then not showing up in the app, whether I use an html file or a bloomd file with the Bloom Player. The Andika font is the one that is not showing up in the app in when using the Bloom Player (despite it being listed under Font in SAB).

No, never resolved (that I know of). I was told it was a bug and would have to wait for a future release where I could find on the change log whether it had been fixed or not.
Hope it gets resolved soon :slight_smile: