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We have a particular comic book that we want translated into multiple languages. Looking here: It looks like it is quite possible to have speech bubbles of various shapes that automatically resize according to the amount of text in them.

  • Translation would take place in the Bloom interface. With immediate feedback the translators would see that their translated text caused the bubble to get way too big, covering part of the image. So they would have to re-word and cut down, or shrink the font.

Thanks for the suggestion Doug. We expect to do an experiment in this area soon.

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Just wanted to add that at the last EMDC 2017, I saw (as Doug would have also) the booth for “Kingstone Comics” who have a massive collection on display of beautiful high-quality Bible Stories in multi-color splendor, in paperback form. I brought back with me a copy of Bible Vol. 3 “The Ten Commandments” which features the events before leaving Egypt, and the parting of the Red Sea. Also the “Serpent on the Pole story” and others. The major point I want to make is that they would willingly give their materials to us to translate into vernacular, if we wanted to partner with them, but I think the “Bubble sizing” issue would hit us immediately, if we went down that road.

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Now that we can add a text box to pictures (in alpha) it would be nice to be able to change the color of the font per box, depending on what would show up best against each picture.

In offline discussions, we agreed that we could meet the immediate need with a simpler “Text on top of image” feature. So in Bloom 4.0 beta you can right-click on an image and add text to it. You can adjust its bounds, location, and style. What we have not yet done is any kind of automatic speech-bubble creation.

Here’s an example of what you can do in Bloom 4.0:


Relate feature requests the community could post/vote on:

  • Allow text over images to have speech bubbles
  • Allow specification of text color
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