Bloom book - display with bloom player doesn't work well

We recently imported books from the book, Messiah cartoon book from bloomlibrary into bloom and then the bloomd files to RAB - and it works great in the latest Android versions while viewing using Bloom player option. The font (Nirmala UI) worked well.

However, on lower versions using Android 5.1.1 and 8.1.0, the characters get shifted from the bubbles and the pictures are not displayed well.

Any ideas why this is so?

On the other hand, if we try to use the option to convert into bloom book - convert to picture story book, the pictures do not show up at all in the story pages in RAB.

The other option finally that we have is just a workaround to convert all these into images which might increase the app size.

Any suggestions on this issue will be greatly helpful.

Thank you.

Thanks Anita for bringing this problem to our attention. We’ll look into it.

In the meantime, here’s what you can do to help us in our investigation:

  1. If you aren’t already using the latest version of RAB, please rebuild your app using the latest version.
  2. Install also the latest version of Bloom Reader on your various Android “problem” devices and send the books directly to Bloom Reader.
  3. Compare the books when viewed within Bloom Reader versus what you see in the latest RAB.
  4. Let us know if the results are the same or different.

If the books display correctly in Bloom Reader, but not in RAB, the problem will eventually be resolved through an RAB update (RAB uses a component called “Bloom Player” and is usually a few version behind our own development).

If the books display incorrectly in Bloom Reader, then please submit one example of a book which isn’t displaying correctly. From Bloom, click the ? mark, then choose “report a problem”. Describe the problem and we’ll take a look.