Bloom and Bloom Reader: Ability to Organize Books by Series, Topic, Keyword, or "Bookshelf"

Bloom Reader is awesome! I really really like it and the ability to easily share books from Bloom to a phone/tablet!

It would be really helpful if we could organize books in Bloom Reader in “Bookshelves” or something similar. This would allow us to publish a set of Bible stories or other related books together (instead of having them be totally individual books merged in the list with other books). We currently have 2 different sets of Bible Stories that we could publish this way, one has 200 stories and the other has 50. Publishing them individually is just not feasible. The 50 Bible Stories are available for adaptation from English (and other languages) on, but currently the only way that I know to download them so we can use them is individually. Being able to download an entire series from with a single button click would be very helpful too.

I was thinking if you could add keywords to books, Bloom Reader could automatically create bookshelves from those keywords. This would allow you to put books in multiple shelves, which would be neat. It would also mean that bookshelves automatically update instead of having to be manually modified: just add a keyword and off you go.

Integral to this would be the ability to publish and share an entire “bookshelf” to Android from the computer.

Thanks for an awesome app!


It is possible to distribute Bookshelves that group books together, indeed your SIL PNG has done a lot of that. This is a Bloom-Enterprise-only feature.

However, the process for setting this up is currently not part of the GUI of Bloom.