Bloom 4.8 XML Error After Upgrade

I have a user who has upgraded to 4.8. After upgrading Bloom will no longer open for him and gives him the following error message:

“Error occurred reading localization file: There is an error in XML document (0,0).”

He is able to reinstall 4.7 and it will work.

Anyone in this forum have any ideas of how to resolve this?


Hey @chris_guthrie!
Long time no see.

This has been a bug we thought we have squashed several times… so we’re very interested in solving it (again)!
Can you verify the user is running the Release channel (not Beta or something else)? You can simply verify the version number is 4.8.0. Otherwise, please let me know what channel and/or version number. All that information is in the bar at the top of Bloom:



Hey Brother good to hear from you and I pray that all is well with you guys!

Yes, I can confirm that he has installed 4.8.0.

I hate to say it, but I’m stuck.

Do you have physical or virtual access to the machine if it comes to that?

Since I know you’re a computer guy, I’ll speak techy.
In the past, this has been a low-level issue with one of Bloom’s dependencies being a different version than one of its dependencies’ dependencies expects. The problem occurs when Bloom is trying to initialize its localization files but the localization library is unable to load its dependencies, creates a 0-length file, and crashes.
But in the past, I’ve been able reproduce the problem easily by removing the localization files in ~\AppData\Local\SIL\Bloom\localizations (causing it to regenerate the localization files). I can’t create the problem that way with 4.8.0. So there must be something different about that machine.

A couple things to try…

  • You could delete the files in ~\AppData\Local\SIL\Bloom\localizations yourself on the off chance there is a bad one there and Bloom isn’t trying to regenerate them.
  • You could install the beta, 4.9. This can run alongside (but not at the same time as) the Release (4.7 or 4.8). Besides allowing the user to gain the features of 4.8+, this might give us some clue as to what is going on (knowing if it works for 4.9 or not).

Thanks Andrew. Unfortunately, I do not have physical access to the machine and even remote access is going to be difficult. However, this is one of our IT interns so I think I can walk him through your suggestions. I’ll start with deleting his localizations and see what happens and will let you know.

Andrew, my user was able to get 4.8 installed. I requested that he delete the folders you identified then attempt to reinstall. Unfortunately, it isn’t clear to me if he actually deleted the folders or not prior to reinstalling. I’m sorry, I wish I had better information to share back with you about what happened. Thanks for your help though! I’m glad he is back up and running.

Great to hear he is up and running.
Thanks for the update.