Bilingual books in Russian


How can I create bilingual books in Bloom that use a 2nd language other than English? Two problems:

  • English is displayed by default

  • You can’t change it to Russian even if you change the interface to Russian.

BTW I may have found a bug as when I added an English translation of the title, then tried to delete it, it won’t go away! It keeps coming back.


In the Collection Settings, you can select each Language that you wish to use. You do not need to choose English.

The interface language setting is different to the Collection language.

Regarding the possible bug, do you have a screenshot?


It doesn’t ask you, you have to click on the settings icon, then you can change the LWC to Russian (it’s not the national language, more like an international or inter-ethnic language). As for the ‘bug’, the English version of the book name disappeared when I changed the 2nd language to Russian. So, it all works if you set it up in settings and don’t jump in and make a book. Many of us like to jump in then solve the problems. We don’t read manuals until we are stuck. So IMO it would be better to have the program ask questions about languages before you get to the book stage.

When you open Bloom for the first time or click Create New Collection, a box should appear where you can choose the type of collection.


I suspect you have chosen Source Collection, but that is normally used for creating shell books or templates in a LWC that are then made available for others to use. It sounds like it’s not a LWC, so you should choose Local Language.

With a source collection, you need to go to Settings to change the language. If you choose Local Language Collection, you will be taken through a series of steps to setup the Collection (including language #1). Once the collection is created, you can then go to the Settings option and change languages #2 and #3.

The Bloom Help menu contains information about creating a Collection and lots of other helpful information too.