Best way to present an introduction, mini-grammar

I’m producing a dictionary app with the same data as a printed dictionary. That printed version has a nice introduction with a mini-grammar of the language that helps the user find words in the dictionary. It would be helpful to have that same info in the app, but I’m not sure that cramming it into the About box is going to be very pretty. Is there any other option for how I can present that information? We can’t really count on an Internet connection in our context, so a web link to that info is not ideal. Any other thoughts?

(If it has to go into the About box, I might need some help in formatting…)

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Yes that is a down side of DAB.

If you made a RAB app with the content and used Deep linking to take you to that app. Good if you had the deferred deep linking option as well so if they don’t have the app they can be directed to that too.

You could add a drawer menu item to link and have another one in the About page.

If you put it in the About page, I’m not sure if HTML anchors would work if you had a hyperlinked index near the top to jump you down the page. No time to test now.