Best practice for leaving a team collection

What is the best way to leave a team collection that somebody else has invited me to? As literacy consultants and others involved in the approval of publications are included in team collections from various languages and programs, their DropBox and Bloom folders will fill up quickly. If they have no books checked-out from a given team collection, is it safe for them to just delete the collection’s folder from their local “Documents \ Bloom” folder, and then remove themselves from access to the corresponding sync control folder in DropBox to keep it from continually syncing to their computer?

In Dropbox, when you delete a folder which has been SHARED with you (i.e. you are not the owner), then you’ll get a message saying, " will be deleted from your account and devices, but other members will still have access."

In other words, your deletion will not affect other people. So, this is safe to do.

You can then click “Delete anyway”.

Perfect, thanks Colin!