BCP-47 bug in Keyman 13

Hello, Folks,
I have created a keyboard for a South Caucasian language, and the BCP-47 code which is displayed by default for x042C shows up as Azeri-Cyrl-AM. That’s incorrect. Can we please correct it to Azeri-Latn-AZ by default?
Many thanks in advance!
Yours faithfully, KK

Hi Ken,

I see a repro for that. We can investigate further. Not sure how that code is being generated; normally they are provided by Windows.


This relates: https://github.com/keymanapp/keyman/issues/1584

Wouldn’t xO42C technically map to Azeri-Latn rather than Azeri-Latn-AZ?

Yes, it’s a bug. Relates to our use of legacy data in alltags.txt. We need to move to langtags.json. See issue above.