Backup Syncing Error

Hi all, forgive me if there is an obvious solution, but I’m new at using WeSay and I’m not finding it the most intuitive program! When the automatic backup occurs, I get the following error:

We’re sorry, but the Send/Receive system can’t handle large files. The following files won’t be stored or shared by this system until you can shrink them down below the maximum:

It then proceeds to list every file in my Downloads folder, which it is apparently trying to back up with my WeSay project! Can someone please direct me to what the cause of this might be, and also how I can fix it?

Thanks so much in advance for you assistance :slight_smile:

Hi Lauren,
From the description, it sounds as though your wesay project file is in your Downloads folder, or your Downloads folder is somehow at the same level as your wesay project file. Normally, when you create a wesay project, it will go in your documents/wesay/some-language-name folder. Regardless of where it lives, it has to be in its own folder. If you were to put your wesay project file in with a bunch of other files, you’re tricking wesay into thinking all those files belong as part of the project.

So do this.

  1. Open the WeSay Configuration Tool, either directly from you Windows Start menu, or from WeSay itself by right clicking on the dashboard/home screen and choosing “Configure this project…”.

  2. Click on the second toolbar button:


  1. That will bring up a File Chooser dialog; look at where it is currently pointed. In my case,


So mine looks good: it’s at x:\documents\wesay\hdi. If it had been c:\documents\hdi-dictionary, or c:\Hindi WeSay, or whatever, that’d be fine too; the important thing is that all the project files are in the same folder and only the files belonging to that dictionary are in that folder.

I’m sorta expecting that yours is going to be something quite different, like c:\downloads.

Let us know what you find out!


Hi John,

Fantastic, yes I had a look and it was only pointed to the D drive, no other specification. I moved everything to Documents and now it works perfectly, thank you so much! Just one other glitch when I send/receive to Language Depot, but I’ll put that in a separate post in case that’s another obvious fix.

Starting to get my head around it, finally.

Thanks very much, you’ve been a gem :slight_smile: