Backspace, Chrome/Edge 86 and Keyman

Chrome 86.0, released 6 October 2020, and rolling out over the last few days, appears to have a regression which stops Backspace from working whenever a Keyman keyboard is active. This issue also affects the same version of Microsoft Edge browser.

:arrow_right: Google Chrome 86.0.4240.111 is now available which reverts the change which caused this issue.

:arrow_right: If this problem impacts you, please vote for this Chromium issue.

:arrow_right: Workarounds

  1. Use an alternate browser, such as Firefox.
  2. Pressing Backspace multiple times will sometimes work. Not a great solution, I know!
  3. Select the word or segment and then use the Delete key to delete the word/segment instead of the Backspace key
  4. Select a non-Keyman keyboard to delete text (!)

:arrow_right: Follow the Keyman bug report.

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This is also true of Microsoft Edge - Chromium version.

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The Chromium team are investigating the issue and have located the code change that caused the problem and reverting it. They are planning to release an update shortly.

I’m facing a similar issue on Firefox too. Backspace is working fine. But can’t type certain letters. Here is a screen-recording of the issue. I’m attempting to type the letters in double quotes. While typing in Firefox, they’re appearing weird.

  • Google Chrome 86.0.4240.111 is now available which reverts the change which caused this issue. In Chrome, press Alt+F and select Help > About Google Chrome to update.
  • The Keyman team is continuing to work on Firefox and Chrome compatibility.
  • Utilities to help work around the problem for Firefox (and Chrome if you cannot update it yet) are now available at

Hi @joseph, welcome to the community. Can you try the workaround described at

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I have updated Chrome browser to version 86.0.4240.111 (Official Build) (64-bit) and the backspace issue is now gone together with the gibberish output while typing. Edge however still behaves erroneously the same way; its current version is 86.0.622.48 (Official build) (64-bit).

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It did work. Thank you @Marc!


@Marc, it’s fixed today. Thank you for the part you had in helping the Chromium team investigate and fix the problem.


It turns out it worked for only a few hours then Chrome returned to the Backspace key problem. I’ll see if updating Chrome helps.

ok, the Chrome update takes care of the problem.

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