Background image on pages

Here is a request from the illustrator/designer on our team:

Allow to chose a background image for each page.

  • This feature would allow for many Bloom users to customize the layout of their books themselves.
  • This feature would allow us to use scrolling text on images where the text block in the Comic tool doesn’t.

Thanks for considering.

On behalf of the Education for Life team

Koen thanks for posting that.

Please try out the Experimental Full Screen Template and send us your feedback It’s a bit ugly to work with.

Also, as you know, this can also be done by starting with any of the “Comic Book” template pages and then putting text on top. You mention scrolling… if that is not working with simple text overlays on comics, I expect we can fix that. Shoot us a report at

The Experimental Full Screen Template is indeed a bit hard to work with.

Here’s a link to a video of me adding a background image with the Experimental Full Screen template and later trying to do the same with css.

Downsides to Experimental Full screen Template

  • Only 1 image is allowed.
  • The fact that you need to install a template, instead of it being available right away.
  • Not intuitive.

Bloom Training
As you know, our team is focused on Bloom training, and the more things in Bloom are intuitive the better. We would like to see a way of adding a background image via a menu, similar to the Comic Tool. In that tool you would simply browse for a background image and done.

I think that a lot of teams would really appreciate this feature.

Text over picture and other overlay elements now scroll if there is more text than will fit.

Just revisiting this one…

This request is for a true background image capability of normal pages.

Instead, what we have for now is:

  1. Overlay pages, which can have a full-screen image and then you place text boxes on top of that.
    As Andrew wrote, you can have scrolling text on Overlay pages, these days.

  2. The full screen template, which does what Koen is asking for as far as I can tell, but @Koen finds it difficult to use. Lacking any other input, it has never “shipped” with Bloom.

Maybe we can discuss the listed “Downsides”:

  • Only 1 image is allowed.

I don’t understand this “Downside”. The issue itself is asking for a single Background image.

  • The fact that you need to install a template, instead of it being available right away.

It’s experimental (and thus not built in) so that we can get feedback. Listing that status as a “downside” confuses the issue, I think?

  • Not intuitive.

OK, let’s improve that. @Koen can you make a suggestion?