Available language codes in WeSay1.6.6.0

When trying to configure a new blank project with WeSay 1.6 installed from:
WeSayInstaller., I could not find Norwegian, language code “no” as an option under “Choose Language”. I uninstalled and installed from WeSayInstaller.1.5.45 instead, and Norwegian no is there all right.

According to the language data that we have from ISO and Ethnologue the “no” code for Norwegian is a macrolanguage. WeSay 1.6 does not show any macrolanguages, which is a requested change. Norwegian Bokmål (nb) and Norwegian Nynorsk (nn) are available.

Thank you, I will give 1.6 a try again, then.
In Lookup language code, In 1.5.45, when typing “norw”, I get codes no, nsl, mg and se. Typing nb does not give me Norwegian Bokmål nb either. Should I be able to find Norwegian Bokmål nb in 1.5.45?

Back in Typing “norw” gives me codes nsl, mg and se options. No search for bm, bokm, nynorsk has helped me find Norwegian Bokmål (nb) or Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)

This isn’t the right place to discuss possible bugs. Please send an email to issues@wesay.org with the issue and I’ll look into it there