Avagraha (ऽ) Symbol (Prashlesha Symbol) Combination not working in Mozhi Malayalam

Hello, I am using Version 14.0.280 of Keyman mostly for Malayalam Mozhi scheme.

The key combo for Avagraha (ऽ) symbol (Prashlesha Symbol) is supposed to be // or a#
Both are not working. Could you help?

For Mozhi 1.0 it looks like // was the option.
For Mozhi 2.0 it was changed to a#, I guess.

I am not sure though. These are my character map references.

  1. Mozhi 2 - Varamozhi Project
  2. Mozhi 1.0 - Varamozhi Project

Also sharing the keyman default documentation screenshot.

Could you help?

Thanks and Regards,


I’m sorry this happened! I can verify that there is no rule to access anusvara at this time. I’ve created a Github issue to address this here:
We will try to notify you when the keyboard is updated.

Dear @Lorna

Thank you so much for your timely reply and prompt action.

Please note that the Malayalam symbol Avagraha is

ഽ malayalam u+00d3d 06475 3389 0xD3D ഽ

This is different in Devanagari which is

ऽ devanagari sign avagraha 04475 2365 0x93D ऽ

Could you please make the necessary changes to the feature request?
Sorry for the confusing message that I created. Although both the symbols are basically the same, the way it is represented in Malayalam and in Vedic Sanskrit scripts are totally different.

Thanks a lot for helping.

Here are the references.

  1. “ഽ” U+0D3D Malayalam Sign Avagraha Unicode Character
  2. “ऽ” U+093D Devanagari Sign Avagraha Unicode Character

I have copied the same comment in GitHub as well. FYI.

Akhil Sudhakaran

Sorry for misunderstanding. It looks like if you type a\ it produces avagraha?
Can you try that and see if it’s what is needed? Perhaps we just need to document it better.

Dear @Lorna

Yes. a\ works! Here’s my output.

What a beautiful resolution! Thank you so much.