Automatic Updates

Is it possible to set up RAB to check for updates automatically and if so, how?

Looking forward to hearing.


If you publish on the PlayStore then when you update the app there it will get pushed to the users.

Thanks Ian, I understand that process. My question was about whether it is possible to set up RAB itself to update automatically when a new version becomes available. I have had a response which referred me to the installation instructions but, not being a Linux guru, I have not been able to unpack the instructions enough to understand what each one does.

There is nothing specific like you are asking.

You could use the:
App > Expire > App expires on a specific date
Set a date well beyond the expected update date.
Also set the:
What should the app do when it expires?
check Show message but allow the user to continue using the app
Fill in the message to get the user to check for an updated app.