Automatic page turning in HTML export

I’d like to use the html export to embed a picture book reader in a website (with pictures, text, audio and phrase highlighting). I’ve tried it and everything works well except that the pages don’t turn automatically as the story is read. The app version works fine.

(It maybe sounds trivial, but I think it makes a difference for users actually making use of the content online. Right now when the highlighting/audio reaches the bottom of the page, the user would have to scroll to the top, click the next arrow, scroll to the bottom and click the play button again to keep listening.)

I don’t know HTML but I think I understand enough to know there should be a way for it to automatically open the link to the next page and have that page play the audio as soon as it loads?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

@Matthew_Windsor your are dabbling in the digital world now so learning HTML CSS and Javascript will stand you in good stead for the future.

I don’t have a fix for moving to the next page. Though that could be fixed with a Javascript modification.

But is sounds by what you are describing that something is wrong in your pages.

  • The top navigation bar should always be visible no matter where on the page the audio is being highlighted.
  • The audio bar should also always be visible no matter where the page is scrolled to.

From what you have said you have made it sound harder than it normally is.

Could you send me a link to your pages so I can look at them. I think something is missing.

Thanks Ian,

The html export actually works fine as you describe. Looking it over again, I can see that all the scrolling problems arise from trying to paste the page into an iFrame in a simple website builder. I just tried this on a whim and was surprised/excited that it worked, but I can see it’s probably over my head to try to perfect it. Maybe I’ll need to enlist some tech help if I want to make it look professional in the future.

Thanks for your help,

Matthew if you use Bloom, you get the web for free, e.g. and

You can then embed these in your own site via a simple iframe, as a PNG site here did:

RAB can also make apps using Bloom’s “Bloom Digital” html format now, so it’s WYSIWYG.

Note that this PNG page actually hosts all their own files, you don’t need to, all the files can be delivered by into your site.

@JohnHatton in looking at the example I don’t see automatic page turning. Is that possible with that method?
Ah but I do see it in another story the one does auto page turn.

So there is a setting somewhere?

Hi Ian,
In general bloom-player intentionally does not do auto page turning. The exception is when a “Motion” book is in landscape and doing the full animation thing. Otherwise, we want people to stay active, maybe look at the picture, maybe think about the words they may be trying to learn to read, then turn the page when they are ready.

Anyhow, I can imagine negotiations will ensue as the “do what you like” world of RAB meets the “opinionated” world of Bloom :wink:

An related aside: I wonder if we aren’t all collectively over-doing Talking Books. Would love to see some research to see if at some point having books without audio is better for learning to read.

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