Automate resizing of Image Box

Here’s what we’ve squeezed in for 5.4:

Smarter Splitter

We’ve made splitters smart in a couple of ways:

  1. You can now double-click the splitter to make it snap to the position used by the previous page.

  2. The splitter now “snaps” to some common locations:

  • The position used by the previous page.
  • The position that perfectly matches the image’s proportions.
  • 1/4,1/3, 1/2, etc.
  • Square

  1. Previously, the splitter moved by tenths of a percentage. Now, it moves only by full percentage points.

  2. If you need more precision, hold down the CTRL key to go back to tenths of a percent, ignoring snap points.

Please try this out when this lands in the beta and give us feedback:

:question: Are there other “split points” that you’d like to see?
:question: Is the “attraction” of the split points too strong? Too weak?

Chris wrote:

often the image box on each page needs to be rescaled manually in order to ensure that each image is top aligned.

:question: So is assigning the “Double Click” to “Match previous page” ideal? Or should we instead make it “Fit image”? I’m not clear which is more common, and went with “matching previous page” just because it turns out to be easy to drag until you snap on the “fit image” point because the image itself is guiding you, whereas the “match previous” page relies on you having some memory of what you’re aiming for.

Thanks everybody for the feedback!