Autohotkey (AHK) does not recognize Keyman Bengali inputs

I’m using Keyman for more than 15 years and it is a fantastic software for typing Bengali. The only problem I’m facing is that AutoHotkey (AHK) does not recognize Bengali inputs. There is an AutoCorrect.ahk script which is an extremely useful autocorrect script but it can not be used to autocorrect Bengali words because AHK does not recognize any Bengali input from Keyman. When I type Bengali by using the Windows System Keyboard this AHK script works for Bengali but when I type Bengali by using Keyman Keyboard the same AHK script does not work. I do not use the Windows System Keyboard because I could not figure out a way to make auto vowel formation and some other things with the Windows System Keyboard so I’m using Keyman but I desperately need to use this AHK autocorrect script with Keyman.

Is there any way to do it? Please let me know.

Thanks a Million for all your help!

Hi @Gladiolus, welcome to the community!

We are aware of limitations of Keyman interoperating with AHK. See #4805 for a tracking issue. Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeline for resolution of this – it could prove tricky as both AHK and Keyman are operating in similar ways and there are a lot of compatibility tricks we have to do.

Hi Marc,
Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I have downloaded the latest version of Keyman (14.x) and noticed that not only Bengali but also English typing by Keyman is not recognized by AHK. So, this is not a problem just for Bengali, this is a general problem for all languages. By the way, by any chance, do you know about any Autocorrect script/software/windows app that works with Keyman?
MS Word’s Autocorrect feature works with Keyman but I need a general Autocorrect script/software/windows app that works will work with ALL windows software/app. I have tried some commercial and free Autocorrect software available online but none of them works with Keyman!
Please let me know. Thank you!

I don’t have any ideas of other autocorrect apps that will interoperate with Keyman. However, we do already have autocorrect-style predictive text in Keyman for iPhone and iPad and Keyman for Android, and there is an open issue to make this available on Windows as well in the future. That may well solve your problem better than trying to integrate with another app.

We are trying to gauge the level of interest from the community in developing this feature. If this is of interest, would you be willing to go and vote for the issue via the link above and/or add a comment to it? The more feedback we have from the community that this would be a valuable feature, the more impetus there is for us to prioritise implementation :grin:

Thanks, Marc. Predictive text is very useful in mobile devices because of the limitation of a small keyboard. For Windows with a full-size keyboard that is of no use for me. Because of the style of my work I’m only interested for a Autocorrect feature which will automatically correct any word after pressing the space key.
Thanks anyway.

That is exactly what the predictive text component will do – the most likely prediction (correction) will be accepted on spacebar. You will be able control whether you want to enable suggestions and/or corrections, and whether or not you want to automatically accept likely corrections.

That would be a super fantastic feature without any doubt! I can not wait to see it implemented! Thanks a lot Marc. Hope to see this feature very soon!
Do you have any timeline in mind by which we can get this predictive text component in Windows version of Keyman?

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We’d love to see a predictive dictionary for Bengali in Keyman (for mobile today, desktop in the future) – do you have one that is shareable?

Hi Marc,
As I told you before, I do not use the predictive dictionary or predictive text, I only use the autocorrect feature which automatically corrects the frequently misspelled words.

Would a word list (from a dictionary or Harfbuzz test data) help?