Audio without text


It would be handy for teaching phonemic awareness if an image with no text could have audio attached.



This feature would also be helpful for building stories for non-readers.


Two ideas on this…

  1. Now that we have the “Sign Language Tool”, in Bloom 4.4, you could have a video which is just a single picture, with audio. You would have to record the video in some other program. Should then play with the current BR and the best epub readers.

  2. Now that we have the “Image Description Tool” in Bloom 4.4, we have a way of typing in text that goes with an image, and recording that. So what we need is a way to tell Bloom Reader (and possibly EPUB) to play that audio.



However, I’m looking checking for the new version of Bloom in Beta, and not seeing 4.4 yet. I only have 4.3.110. Is 4.4 out yet?


Right, 4.4 isn’t actually beta just yet. Soon! Those features are available in 4.3 beta, but you have to turn on settings:advanced:experimental features. Note that the sign language video feature is getting a lot of improvement in 4.5 (which we’re more than half way done with… it’s a long pipeline).


I just did a little testing in 4.4. Yes, BR will play the audio that is part of a video. So making a video of a single image with the audio recorded with it would work.

Easier yet, I just used the Image Description tool to type a description of a full-page image, then recorded the image description. When published to BR, BR will play the audio of the image description, even if the words don’t show on the page.