Audio Questions for Quizzes for non-readers

When working with those who are using the very first readers, it would be very nice to have some new features in the quiz, since these folk cannot read either the question or the answer. If they are looking at their first talking books, and simply listening and tracking with the text, they will not be able to read and answer a question.

So, it would be nice to be able to be able to record the questions (and have the option of recording answers) using the Talking Book tool.

South Asia would like this feature also.

@Liz, it would be great if you could encourage the people you train to make accounts here and vote, and better still, to write about why they want something (posting in any language that Google Translate can handle is fine). That would be more helpful than hearing that this or that region of the world wants something. Thanks!

This has now shipped in Bloom 4.6

Note : while the new QUIZ features are there in 4.6, users won’t see these changes in Bloom Reader until Bloom Reader 2.0, which is still in alpha release. We are hoping to get Bloom Reader 2.0 to Release stage in October 2019. In the meantime, users of Bloom Reader 1.3 will still be able to use the quizzes, but they will not hear audio.