Audio-only book in RAB

Has anyone created an App with audio-only books (i.e. audio without any text)?

It seems we need to start by adding a Word document or text file, then tell RAB that the book-type should be audio-only. We add the audio file, but when the App is built there’s no audio bar and no way to actually play the audio file.

Also, there’s no instructions in the RAB Manual about how to do this.

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I have the same results when I try it with RAB.

In SAB if you use the Wizard there is an Audio Only book options. I am surprised that feature is missing in RAB. But in SAB it is linked to OT or NT books.

For RAB you need some form of content on the page, either an \img or a text marker. Of course you could make your image match the audio content (if you have time o do that) or make a small transparent PNG image and people will see nothing but it will satisfy RAB that there is content.

My test file.

\id aud
\h Audio
\page 1
\img fig1.png
\page 2
\img fig1.png
\page 3
\img fig1.png
\page 4
\img fig1.png
\page 5
\img fig1.png
\page 6
\img fig1.png
\page 7
\img fig1.png
\page 8
\img fig1.png
\page 9
\img fig1.png
\page 10 
\img fig1.png

Make sure your audio ends with the page number. myaudio-01.mp3
not myaudio-01-book2.mp3 and myaudio-02-book2.mp3 it will load both of those into page 2.

I did notice there’s the Wizard in SAB, but not in RAB.

We’ll try with a transparent image in RAB.

I have made audio-playing books, so we could re-purpose some audio dramas we had recorded several years ago and distribute them as apps.

Each page of the word doc has an image that corresponds to the drama being played, so there is something to remind the listener what is being played. I haven’t done it with a blank image, but I’m sure a white or black jpg image would work fine.