Audio highlighting with Bloom source

I am wanting to add audio to an RAB book that I created from a Bloom source. Unfortunately, I can’t get the audio highlighting to work on a sentence/phrase level because RAB doesn’t seem able to generate the phrases. I was successfully able to do this with a Word document (which gets converted to sfm behind the scenes it seems) and an sfm document, so I assume that RAB isn’t yet able too parse Bloom’s html for phrases yet.

Am I missing something?

I am hoping to move a lot of books from various sources (Word, LO Draw, Publisher etc) to RAB and to add audio. I was hoping to go through Bloom to do this but this is a bit of a blocker.

I’m not sure if it helps your issue, but I just tested a RAB book created
from a Bloom source. It was a Bloom talking book, so already had the audio

In RAB 4.1, in the Audio Settings, the first option allows the user to turn
on/off the audio toolbar and you can control whether phrases are

Within the App, the user can turn on/off the highlighting. (This is a
feature just added in the latest version). Access Settings, by clicking the
Menu/three horizontal bars. Highlighting is the only option available

Does this help?

Yes, if you have recorded audio for phrases within Bloom, these should be imported into RAB.

But if you do not have any audio in your Bloom book, you cannot add audio and timings after importing into RAB. I will make a note of this as something to consider for a future version.

By the way, if you’re wanting to do your recording outside of Bloom, and then bring it in to Bloom as a single mp3 before giving to RAB, here are some instructions for doing that.

Thanks guys,
that’s a lot of good feedback. Let me go away and experiment with Bloom talking books for a bit and I’ll post back!

This topic is overlapping with the Bloom forum, but with the Bloom Beta version, you can publish talking books to the Bloom Reader.

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