Audio files changing when trying to publish

Today I was working with a few teammates to finish an audio alphabet book in Bloom. When we went to publish the book for Bloom Reader some of the audio files (which we imported) got changed! Each page has two text boxes and a picture, the first text box on each page from page 8 to the end become the sade audio recording. We really don’t understand how this happened! We imported all the correct audio recordings for a second time, but again when we went to publish the book, the audio in the first text box pg 8 onwards changed/was incorrect.

How can we fix this? What might be going wrong?

That is quite perplexing. Don’t worry, we’ll get this sorted out.

To diagnose what’s going on, we’ll need your book, so go ahead an submit the book via “report a problem”


After that, we should probably meet on Zoom to talk to discuss the details.

Ok, I submitted the book

I seem to recall that we use to have a bug where, if you created new pages by duplicating a page, then Bloom would give the same “id” to each recording, leading to this problem.

Even if y’all solve Nancy’s issue, please report back to this forum so that we can benefit from what you figure out. Thanks.

The bug which John referred to was addressed as soon as it was discovered back in mid-November and a fix was quickly provided for all current versions of Bloom.

Knowing that some users don’t regularly update their software (or can’t), we also added code so that if a corrupted book (with duplicate audio IDs) was opened in a newer version of Bloom, Bloom would alert the user of the problem and encourage the user to send their book(s) in so we could fix it.