Audio Download not working (crashes Android App)

New to this, would appreciate advice/help. I have the dictionary app working on Android and iOS, and am now trying to add audio.

In iOS, I can’t get the audio links to work at all - clicking on the speaker symbol does nothing. I can see that it has the filenames from the lift file, but there is no audio, whether I set it as download or as package in DAB.

In Android - audio files as packages in APK work. But we have 3600 audio clips, so this isn’t a viable option. If I ‘add audio file’ in DAB, and set it as download/streaming, clicking on the audio button in the dictionary causes the dictionary App on the Android phone (6.0.1) to crash (“stop”).

The instructions say “This method requires the ‘Read external storage’, ‘Write external storage’, ‘Connection state’ and ‘Internet’ permissions.” I see how to turn on “storage” under App Permissions, but not internet permissions.

Again, any help very much appreciatted!

Are you able to share your project for us to test? Or the project with a subset of the data including some audio files? Also we’d need a link to where you put the audio files online.

If so send me a personal message by clicking on my icon and choose message. Put a link to your project in that message.