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Hi, just wondering if there is some way to rearrange the order in which comic books record the speech bubbles! I realise this was a known problem from the beginning, just wondering if there are solutions yet…?? or some way to work around this… My team wants to make their covid comic book into an audio book, but the speech bubbles are all out of order! We translated a comic book from bloom library…

Known limitation in this release: If you turn a comic book into a Talking Book, it will play back in the order that the bubbles were created. We will be following up with way to change the order of bubbles.


Hi Nancy.

There is a solution in our Beta release.

Thanks for using Bloom.


Thanks! However, my Bloom has not updated to 4.8… I checked for updates but it says it is up to date… I have 4.7.7. Do I need to download the 4.8 version? or will it update?


Hi Nancy. Sorry, I needed to be more explicit.

There are two versions of Bloom available for download: the release version and the Beta version. The release version is a stable version for the general public. The Beta version for users wanting the latest exciting features and willing to help us shake down the product to get it ready for general distribution.

You can have both versions installed on your computer, but you can only run one at a time.

Download the latest Beta here:

Thanks for clarifying Colin!

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