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I’m conducting a workshop in Peru. For the participants with microphones, they were able to record their audiobooks. However, when we tried to publish them as epub files, it won’t work. So, first I looked the manual and it stated that they need Lame for audacity, but Paul Frank had stated that the newest version of bloom does not need to download the Lame app. Then I watched at the video, again, and noted that they would need Readium. Alas, readium for chrome does work any more. I gave up having them play their stories on the computer.

Next, we tried publishing the story on their phones. We followed the steps, but the file would not transfer to the phone. However, their phones did pick up stories from other computers.

I am very confused and discouraged. Can you help us, please?


Sorry you’re having these problems during a workshop.

When you say that the publishing to epub files didn’t work, what do you mean? Did you get error messages? Or was it just that the audio was not there when you opened EPUB? If there is no EPUB reader installed on the computer, Windows will open the EPUB in Edge browser which will not play the audio in the EPUB.

You are correct that the latest versions of Bloom do not need the LAME app – it is already part of the installation file. If participants were able to record the audiobooks, then that is evidence that LAME is working.

Regarding Readium, from this article, it’s the Google Chrome Apps that will be discontinued in early 2018 (and that includes Readium). There are a lot of different EPUB readers and they may not all work as well as others. The Bloom help-file mentions some other EPUB readers. The one that I have used in workshops is Adobe Digital Editions.

When publishing to Bloom Reader, there are three transfer methods (USB cable, Wifi, save as file). Some phones have trouble with some methods, but normally atleast one method works. What brand of phones were having problems? If you are using the Wifi transfer method, the book may transfer to any device that has Bloom Reader open and “receive books from computer” selected. In a workshop situation, this does mean that one phone may receive books that everyone is sharing (not just their own books). In this case, it may be better to use the USB-cable transfer method or save as a file.

Please keep


Bloom does not depend on the discontinued Google Chrome Readium app. Readium technology is used in many apps, and the part of it that Bloom uses is built into Bloom and still working fine. However, Liz is right that you need to have some epub-reader installed to use Bloom epubs on the desktop, and not all epub readers will play recorded audio. Bloom’s help file has some suggestions, including Adobe Digital Editions for Windows desktop.

It’s not quite true that being able to record audio means you have LAME…but if you have a version that needs LAME and it is missing, Bloom will tell you when you go to make an epub and help you download it. If you aren’t getting messages asking you to download it, then that isn’t the problem.

Liz made some good suggestions. If you still have trouble, please use Bloom’s ‘Report a Problem’ (in the menu under the question mark in the top right) and give us all the details you can. In particular ‘Report a Problem’ will give us the book you’re having trouble with, which is very helpful in working out a solution.

John Thomson

Thank you, Liz. We’ve tried this suggestions. We’re still having trouble.

  However, for now do you know if it is possible to make mini books in Bloom? This feature is being asked for in the workshop we're doing right now.



Kristine have you had them download the Bloom Reader app? or do they not have android devices?

Thank you all for your suggestions and help. We followed your suggestions. After a lot of trouble shooting the primary problems seem to be weak Internet connection/limited bandwidth and/or phones that are too full to download anything more.

All but one person has an android device and they did download the Bloom Reader app. I haven’t figured out how to help the person with the apple phone.

@ktrammell You’ll want to show them the Publish : ePUB screen. There they can save an epub, which would be readable on their iphone. Not as easy as Bloom Reader, but it’s something.

Thank you, John!

Here’s another question:

    At our workshop, two phones with the Bloom Reader application no longer play the audio. They both used to play the audiobooks. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it did not help. Do you have any suggestions?