Associating .kmp files with Keyman for Android / iOS

Two newly-discovered issues:

  1. On Android, the .kmp file is NOT associated with Keyman. Few Android file managers can wed kmp to Keyman. Time-consuming for rapid keyboard testing.
  2. The same issue on iPasOS 13.3: Attempting to open the .kmp yields, “Unable to copy keyboard files to file system.” None of the file managers I have can have Keyman open it.

Because Android file managers were inconsistent in associating kmp files to Keyman, we added a new menu item in the Keyman 12 app to browse and install kmp packages.

See Step 2 from the guide

This feature hasn’t been added to Keyman for iPhone and iPad yet. You can follow this in issue 2356

Files (iPadOS) does not solve the problem. Definitely Filles’ problem. Files lists the .kmp file and even shows the Keyman’s icon… opens a blank page in which (bottom, left) offers another menu with “Open in” option that finally leads to the same error message as I’d posted earlier.

Yes, on iPadOS we are still working on supporting Files app within Keyman, per the report by jahorton above.

We are continuing to work on alternative ways of sharing packages to mobile devices to streamline this because I agree, it definitely is currently too painful.

For example, we’ve recently added QR Codes (in 13.0) to Keyman Desktop, Keyman for Mac and for easily loading deployed packages to your device. We’ve also added a QR Code to the debugger in 13.0 to simplify opening the debug host site on a mobile device.