App Runs but Closes Immediately, Reversal Index Can't be Added

Building of the app runs smoothly except for the fact that I can’t add reversal index. After the apk is built and after installing it, the app runs but instantly closes. Tried installing via stream and local installation. I also tried it on two phones. All have the same result.

DAB Version: 9.3 Build Release 55
Phones Used: Samsung Galaxy A71, Vivo Y51

Hoping for a helping hand. Thanks!

Welcome to the community, LK14. We don’t really have anyone to support DAB right now, to track down problems. I assume you are building with XHTML data (since you mention the reversal). Can you send me a link to your XHTML data in a private message? It’s great that you tried two different kinds of installation, and two different phones. I’m wondering if there is something in your DAB project setup which is causing the problem. Did you try anything “tricky”? Can you try using the wizard to just create a very default app with your data, and see if that works better?

Thank you, Jeff. Thanks for quickly responding, too.

I am not sure if I did something to complicate the build. I was actually trying to create the simplest app just to see how the dictionary would look like.

I have sent you the link to the XHTML file. Thanks!

Thanks for your patience. I think I have figured out one of the problems. When I double-click on the XHTML file that you sent me, it opens in my browser, and starts like this:

I’m pretty sure that means that when you exported the database, you chose Classified Dictionary. You need to choose Configured Dictionary instead, the second option here:

Give that a try, and see if it works better. (You can try updating the Lexicon data with that new source XHTML file, but you may need to just build a new app…)

For the reversal did you export the Reversal Index (a bit further down the list in the Export dialog)? That’s the input format required in DAB.

Hope that gets you further along the way…

Hello again, Jeff. Thank you for this. It worked!

But I had to start building the app from scratch because only updating the source still yields the previous issue.

Again, thank you very much.

Some things are not updated when updating from source. That can cause issues.