App Crashing

I’ve got a number of crashes reporting and am wondering if the newer version (5.2) of the reading app builder has addressed any of these reasons for crashing:

I imagine it’s hard to diagnose these things, especially when you have so many different devices.
the Crashing is affecting around a dozen of the 150 or so installs I’ve got.

If these have been addressed, then I’ll want to release a new version of the app compiled on 5.2



So I’ve been able to reproduce at least some of the crashing behavior in my app. The last story was crashing when the audio was played. I thought it was a bug in the story, so I deleted the last story and it just moved down the line to the next story. So my solution is to simply add a final page to the book that says ‘The End’ with no audio. This seems to be an acceptable workaround for me, but it would be best to figure out the bug in app builder that is causing this. 2 things to note, I’m developing on mac for android and the error doesn’t appear when installing the apk directly, only when installed via the google play store.

I have just reopened this unreplied to topic. I had an unsent message, which is out of date now.

I do have a bug report in for this already so someone else has reported it.

@jimrandall Can you confirm that it still happens on RAB 5.5?