APK push install failed

I have built an APK app, but when I try to install on an androis phone it comes up with “Install Failure Verification Failure” I am not sure how to correct this.

If you copy the APK file manually to your phone and install from there does it work? In other words, is it the push install that is failing, or the APK itself won’t install? Have you tried it on any other Android devices? Have you succeeded with other projects that you have built?

The other thing that can do that is if you have a version installed already, and the new one has a lower version number. Or have you used the same package name on another app?

To be sure, remove any old version you have already installed. Then try again.

Hi, Ian,

This is my first go, so there are no older version on the phone just now.

Hi Jeff,

I am not sure how to manually copy the APK to my phone.

This is my first project.

The phone I am using is a Chinese model, but I have the developers part turned on.

There is lots of help online for how to copy a file to an Android phone. Just Google “connect Android phone to Windows computer via USB”. Here’s an example of what you can find:

Once the APK file is on the phone (I would recommend putting it in the Download folder), you can usually find an app on your phone that will allow you to access the files (I have “File Manager”), open the Download folder, tap on the APK file to install the app.

I find it much more convenient, however, to install and run the app automatically after the build. Check out the instructions on the Resources page: Resources - Dictionary App Builder. Specifically, click on “2. Building Apps” to open the PDF, and check out section 3. Installing the app on your phone.