API Android JAR file

I’m trying to implement Keyman on Android devices and would like to programmatically change the language prior to keyboard display.
In the C# example I posted, this worked well.
Is there a .jar file available for access to methods and functions like that of the Windows API?
If so, where might i find this?

It sounds like you’re wanting to use the Keyman Engine for Android (KMEA). The download is available at the bottom of the Keyman downloads page.

Documentation for the KMEA is available at

That page also contains guides that accompany the Sample projects to show how to use KMEA to:

  1. Develop an in-app keyboard (KMSample1 is like the Keyman app)
  2. Use a system keyboard (KMSample2)

Note, you’ll need to include the touch layout Javascript file in your project in order to switch to that language programatically.

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