Anybody really publishing on Google Play?

Hi there,
we are publishing our RAB output on Google Play - and it is getting harder every year. Google keeps sending us updates with more and more requirements.

When I post for help, maybe my posts are bad, but instead of help or correction I get total silence. Are there other projects out there who have managed to satisfy all of Googles requirements concerning Store Presentation, Target Audience, Child Protection, Privacy Statements, Sufficient Funtionality etc etc?

How do I include a valid Privacy Statement, when the RAB only gives me one “about” menu entry (where we put copyright and licence matter and thanksgiving and whatnot) and the privacy declaration needs to have its own direct menu entry? Can I hack the source? I would not mind trying (with some pointers) while waiting for this feature to happen in RAB.

If somebody feels like they have managed to get it right and are willing to say “for now you can look at ours as a model” please shout.

Also I would love to get some idea how many users even try or manage to publish on Google Play. We have some seven or eight apps online and quite a back-log of mostly finished in our pipeline but we are getting stress from Google. So we need to update our online stuff before we publish more.

I still feel the RAB is a great tool, but I wonder whether it is meant as a tool to really produce and then publish via Google. Please give me hope. Thank you.

Hi Martin,

We know of at least 80 RAB apps and 50 DAB apps published on Google Play - and many hundreds built with SAB.

I will email you with some more information of ways in which we can help in your part of the world.


Hi Martin

Keyman for Android also publishes to the Google Play store. Most of it was already set up from Tavultesoft.

But we’re also using the Triple-T Gradle Play Publisher plugin to automate the publishing to the Play Store.

Hi Martin,
We have published about 15 RAB Apps so far under ‘Bibleview’ name.

I have successfully published in [Google Play store](

What solution did you end up using for the privacy policy? Are there templates or guidelines that we can use to make our own?