Any recommended ePUB reader for rendering Bloom audio, text and picture correctly

I was trying for different ePUB reader for reading bloom created ePUB (with audio, picture and text), but none of them renders text with pictures properly.
I see in the Bloom Publish epub page it is written "This ePUB preview is provided by Readium. In the preview the text and picture align correctly. I don’t see any downloadable link for downloading Readium as ePUB reader in my Windows 10 PC.
Bloom Desktop ePUB page says the recommended ePUB reader as Adobe Digital Editions (does not render picture and audio properly)
Microsoft Edge browser (Microsoft removed ePUB facility. We need to install third party extensions but that too doesn’t render picture and audio correctly.

Do you have any other recommendations for ePUB which render Audio, Text and Picture correctly?


You can try the eKitabu ePUB reader. The one on Android does a nice job rendering ePUBs. The Windows app is also pretty good, though I think the Android app is better.

Picking up an old topic (and I don’t know if many people use ePUB anyway), but can I suggest that (under the ‘Publish’ tab) the ‘Redium’ link beside the ePUB preview is removed?

Bloom training materials indicate that the Readium ePUB reader can be installed from this link but in fact the website no longer has any downloadable software. Alternatively, a direct link to the currently recommended software for different platforms could be provided.

The eKitabu ePUB reader is the best one I know of. You can find the Windows and Android versions here: eKitabu e-reader Apps | eKitabu

Thank you. I am suggesting that the hyperlink inside the Bloom software needs to be removed or corrected/updated to point the location of this new ePUB reader.

Hi James,
Readium is not an epub reader you can download, but rather these are the folks that provide the code that is providing the preview you see there. So this is like giving a photographer credits.