Anthology making (putting multiple bloom books inside one bloom book)

I have completed a collection of bloom books and am now attempting to transfer them all within one shell book - to make a single anthology of stories. But as of yet, I have had no success. Could someone please instruct me how to do this? Thanks. Naaman Brignall SIL Pacific, Solomon Islands

When you say you want to “transfer them all within one shell book”, do you mean you wish to give the set of books to someone else so he or she can translate them? Or you want to publish them all together as one book?

If publishing, we call that our “Folio” feature, and unfortunately, it hasn’t shipped as something users can use on their own. But we can work with you individually if you have a collection ready to publish. Please let us know.

If you mean transferring a set of books to another user for translation, you can do that using a Bloom Pack. You will find the button do do that at the top right of the Collections Tab when viewing a Source Collection.

Hello Naaman,

While it is not yet “official”, there is some experimental work described here, if you would like to give it a try. Agree, this has great potential. In our project we needed 16 different anthologies (organized by authors), each book containing 4-5 stories. For that I had to write a different piece of software.

The Bloom team however is working on the “Folio” feature, which has great potential.