Another transcription line

I am very enthusiastic about SayMore and actively encourage its use. I love it! It would be super helpful to have a way to include two lines of transcription rather than just one. I’d love to be able to have it export to FLEx a line that is in the community orthography or a phonological transcription and another line that contains a fairly narrow transcription of each chunk of text. If one does not have a standardized orthography, the phonetic transcription should not be exported to FLEx. If one does begin with a practical orthography, the phonetic facts are extremely interesting and should appear with the text (for at least some text or group of texts). Either way one approaches a text, if one is going to share it with an academic community, using SayMore to help do this is great … but still not giving as much as one might hope. Or have I missed something?

Hi steve. You should look at using ELAN for the task you describe. ELAN can work with multiple tiers.