Another issue with Keyman 11.0.220 on Mac OS

A keyboard I’ve made that works fine in Windows is not working well in Mac OS.
I’m working with the Brahmi script, (U+11000…U+1107F) which has one symbol for free standing vowels and a different symbol that combines with a preceding consonant.

My code says this:
store(cons) ‘𑀓𑀔𑀕𑀖𑀗𑀘𑀙𑀚𑀛𑀜𑀝𑀞𑀟𑀠𑀡𑀢𑀣𑀤𑀥𑀦𑀧𑀨𑀩𑀪𑀫𑀬𑀭𑀮𑀯𑀰𑀱𑀲𑀳𑀴𑀵𑀶𑀷’
begin Unicode > use(main)

group(main) using keys

+ [K_K] > ‘𑀓’
+ [K_A] > ‘𑀅’

c combining vowels
any(cons) + [K_A] > index(cons,1) ‘𑀸’ c sign aa

On Mac, the rule that makes the vowel be the combining form if a consonant precedes it is not working, I always get the freestanding vowel form.

My entire KMN file:

Hi @Steve_White
This will be tracked as

We’re focused on mobile apps for Keyman 12.0 so unfortunately that issue may be a while…