🎉 Announcing the release of Bloom 5.1

Thank you everyone who helped us test Bloom 5.1 while it was in Beta. It is now the Release.

Here’s what’s new in 5.1:

Collection Tab

:star:You can now rename a book. Previously, Bloom always used the name of a book’s title. The new name appears under the thumbnail of the book and also the name of the folder on disk (see animation). Feature Request

Edit Tab

:star:You can create hyperlinks that point to other pages in the same book. This can be used for creating your own simple Table of Contents. When creating ePUBs, these links will be turned into normal text because the feature does not work in ePUBs. Feature Request

:star:Duplicate Page Many Times. You can now enter a number to make many duplicates of a page all at once (see animation).

We made several fixes to the checks in Decodable and Leveled Readers.

Leveled Reader

We added a visual notification when pages have too many sentences.

We improved how we count words in complex pages (such as arithmetic pages).

Overlay Tool (Bloom Enterprise)

:star:The Overlay Tool can now add videos Feature Request

:star:The Overlay Tool can now add images on top of the image Feature Request

(See an animation of these new overlay features)

Team Collections (Bloom Enterprise)

Team Collections are a new feature that helps you safely share a collection within your team, across the internet, without full-time internet access. For this release, we’re going to keep this feature behind the “Experimental” checkbox. For now, we are only supporting Dropbox & LAN environments. Please contact us if you are considering using this. We need your help to fully understand how this will be used, and how the experience goes.

About Bloom’s use of Dropbox

People will be naturally resistant to installing Dropbox. There are two things that may help them. First, once Dropbox is set up, you will not have to actually learn to use Dropbox, as it just sits in the background for Bloom to use, invisibly. Second, we are starting with Dropbox support because it is far superior to Google Drive in one crucial way: when you make a small change to a book, Dropbox will send just a small amount of data over the internet to your teammates. In contrast, Google Drive will send the entire book: all the text, images, recordings, videos, activities, etc. Because we want this feature to work well in environments with slow or expensive internet, we, therefore, decided to put our initial efforts into supporting Dropbox. In the near future, we will attempt to make Google Drive an option for teams with great internet.


Team Collections debuted in Bloom 5.0 beta. For 5.1, we have added a few small features:

:star:We added a basic History tab to the Team Collection dialog. It currently only tells you the history of check-ins (who edited the book, when). We will be adding more history in future versions.


We added a little informational menu option that provides information about the name and “avatar” (picture) associated with books you check out. The dialog also provides links for changing (or setting) the avatar and name.



:star:You can now “Forget Changes & Check in Book” if you decide to abandon the changes you’ve made to a book since you checked it out.



We have removed, from the lower-left corner of images, the button that opened the “Image Description Tool”. We did this because of reports that users were clicking on it, not understanding what was happening and then entering their story text into the image description box. Authors making books for the blind can still use this tool, of course. You just won’t have this convenient shortcut anymore. Feature Request

When Bloom has trouble loading an image and you send us an error report, we now will receive the offending image file. That will help us figure out what the problem is.

Publish Tab

We added a new tool for making it easy to create a BloomPUB of every book in a collection, with a single command. (Bloom Enterprise)


You can now also upload an entire collection or even multiple collections to the Bloom Library. (Bloom Enterprise)


Bloom Library

We improved counts and stats on Bloom Library. For example, a collection that contains child collections can now display the total count (example).

We added the ability for a project to list its sponsors at the bottom of the page (example).

We added a new page selector for Bloom Player, the engine that powers book reading in Bloom Reader, BloomLibrary.org, and embedded Reading App Builder books. screenshot

Other Good Stuff

Faster Enterprise Subscription Delivery When projects get a new Enterprise subscription, there is a delay while we build their branding pack (logos, boilerplate text, etc). Starting with Bloom 5.1, customers don’t have to wait… their Enterprise code will work immediately. Bloom will show a placeholder message on the back cover that shows the subscription name. When an update to Bloom contains the branding files for the subscription, this message will be automatically replaced with the branding images, the next time the books in the collection are edited.

Work towards a more cross-platform Bloom

As with most versions, we did a bunch of behind-the-scenes work towards rewriting making Bloom be more portable to other operating systems. For the most part, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Reminder for SILers

Most SIL projects can freely use the SIL internal Enterprise License. Questions? Please shoot us an email at enterprise (preposition) bloomlibrary.org.


If you are using Bloom 5.0 Release, Bloom should automatically ask to update itself. Otherwise, you can get 5.1 from the Bloom downloads page. As usual, you can have the Release & Beta versions installed at the same time , and open books in either one.

If you have any questions about these new features, please ask them here on this forum. If you find bugs, please use Help:Report a Problem and include your book. If you need to use email, please send to issues@bloomlibrary.org.