Announcement and a big thank you

:drum: :trumpet: We are proud to announce the launch of the duun language keyboard with predictable text. After a month of testing with a small group of users, the launch took place last week. And as we speak around 50 people have responded to our invitation to join a Whatsapp support group to learn how to use the keyboard. We are already seeing several users making great strides in their writing skills thanks to the predictive text feature. This is as much a literacy tool as it is a keyboard! I would like to thank Marc and the keyman developer team for their support and for making this possible. I would also like to thank Richard and the Keyboard App Builder team for their help and for the quick release version 1.1 with the Updated Keyman Engine. And I would also like to thank Doug, Ron and Matthew and the team who hosted the keyman developer course in february. Without this course we would not have been able to do it. Thank you all. And here it is :


Congratulations on the launch of your keyboard! Great work! :smile: