Android Touch-keyboard fontsize very small, unaffected by fontsize in keyman-touch-layout file

I’m using Keyman Developer v13.0.111.0 on Win10 version 1909 build 18363.1082 trying to develop Ajami keyboards. But the size of the characters shown on the Touch-keyboard on my Samsung Galaxy A10 (Android v10. with keyman-13.0.6218.apk) is almost unreadable small. Changing the ‘fontsize’ setting in the Keyman-touch-layout file, changes the size of the characters in the Keyman Developer ‘Keyboard|Touch Layout’ tab as expected but has no effect on the Touch-keyboard on my smart phone.
How does Keyman-Android decide what size the text on the keys of the touch keyboards should be?
I get the same problem using both Harmattan and Scheherezade fonts. A zipped copy of my sil_wo_ajami-arab project is available at:

This may be related to Dramatic change in the scaling of text on touch buttons. Investigating.

@Marc Yes, these are related. There is a workaround suggested at the end of the post:

In the meantime, you can work around the issue by editing the compiled .js file, after compiling, and manually replacing "fontsize":1 with "fontsize":"1.5em" , to at least let you continue to test etc. Obviously, that’s not a workable long term solution

I tried it and it works.sil_wo_ajami_arab_1dot2em_editJS.kmp (407.2 KB)

@MarkSkinner There are two more workarounds I have attested:

  1. You can leave the “Font Size” for the touch layout blank. The system will automatically pick the default size. :slight_smile:

  2. Go to the code view of Touch Layout, and then replace 1.2em with 12px and that should work.

Again, this will be fixed in the future version. These workarounds should get you moving forward in your keyboard development processes.

Please let us know if you have further question or concern.

We have just released Keyman Developer which should address this problem.

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